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Full-Service Options for Funeral Home and Cremations in Myerstown, PA

For more than 8 decades of experience and continuing education in our industry, we are able to meet your special needs to customize your service here at Christman's Funeral Home, Inc. We specialize in burials for veterans, funeral planning, memorial services, and customized cremation services and we take great pride in serving families in Myerstown, PA.

They say the only thing guaranteed in life is death, and we take care of it with a comforting helping hand. We understand how painful it is when someone dies, so let us do our best to alleviate those sorrows by working diligently to remove any trace or memento from their final resting place. Let us help you now, just call us at (717) 272-7431.

Myerstown, PA Funeral Home And Cremations

If you are looking into full-service options for funeral home and cremations in Myerstown, PA, the folks at Christman’s Funeral Home, Inc. are ready to help you find the solutions you are seeking. Knowing more about what types of services are offered can help with making these selections too.

A full funeral service is often a traditional type of service, but it can be modified any way you might wish. Full funerals usually include a funeral wake or viewing of the deceased. The close relatives will often receive visitors at this event. It can be cathartic and healing to have this type of closure when it is possible. After the visitation is complete, the funeral itself takes place. Once these services are concluded, the casketed remains are transferred to the site where burial will occur. If cremation is happening instead, the body will be taken to the crematorium.

Cremation may be planned for an individual as a service for body disposition. There is not any requirement to hold a funerary event with a cremation service. However, if that is desired, a full cremation could include funeral service events or memorial services. Mostly the timing of the honoring service will determine when the cremation should be performed. In most cases, the cremation happens after a funeral or before a memorial service.

Cremations are growing in popularity for a number of reasons. Some of these include a desire to have less of an environmental impact that is associated with casket burial. Another common reason has to do with keeping funerary costs to a minimum. Cremations offer many possible solutions for the final resting place, and this is yet another reason it is frequently chosen.

Some Funeral Homes Have a Full Range of Services to Support You

Final arrangements can be simple or elaborate. Of course, you will want it to be tastefully designed to bring honor to the departed loved one and comfort to those who are grieving. Finding a trusted partner to work with in these arrangements is vital. A full-service funeral home can offer so much in the way of support and resources to help you create the perfect farewell for your loved one and family’s needs.

With a full range of service options, you can have your pick of the services that will be best for your situation. This is nice because you will not just be limited to whatever is available. It also simplifies things to have everything you need ordered through one central hub. Full-service firms have access to all of the details you may need or want for this tender goodbye. This can really take the extra pressure off of you when it comes to coordinating those types of things.

Making Pre Arrangements for Funeral Home and Cremations in Myerstown, PA

For the forward-thinking clients, it is possible to plan ahead for your own future funerary needs, such as a funeral home and cremations in Myerstown, PA. Some people feel this is a difficult thing to think about, but really it isn’t much different than making plans for a last will and testament or shopping for life insurance policies. Setting these instruments in place is widely accepted as a prudent and necessary thing to have handled. Planning for future final arrangements is also a valuable and wise thing to do.

There is peace of mind to be had when these decisions are made before the moment they are needed. For example, when you pass away, your family will be grappling with a significant loss. One kind gift you can offer to them at that time is having your preferences prerecorded and selected. It is even possible to pay for these services before the time they will be necessary. This can end up being a significant cost saving if the plans are made far in advance since you will pay the prices of today instead of future fees.

A Trusted Provider for All of Your Funeral and Cremation Needs

Christman’s Funeral Home, Inc. is a company with a reputation for excellent care for the deceased and their bereaved families. The company has roots dating back to 1941. The current ownership has been going strong for nearly ten years now. Since you only get to lay this loved one to rest one time, it is crucial to work with a provider you trust to help you handle things in a way you can feel good about. 

Reach Out for Next Steps

If you find yourself contemplating future needs surrounding a funeral home and cremations in Myerstown, PA, reach out to Christman's Funeral Home, Inc. With a complete offering of funeral-related services, there is something here for everyone facing this challenging time of loss. Call (717) 272-7431 to arrange an appointment and come see us at 226 Cumberland St, Lebanon, PA 17042.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

Do all veterans get military funeral?

When a veteran dies, there is often one option for them to choose from. The government will provide military funeral services if they were killed while serving in the armed forces or on duty at their post office; otherwise, it might be an honors-funeral with police officers and firefighters showing upon uniform - even though not every death qualifies under these circumstances.

How do you get over from a death of a loved one?

Let yourself feel the pain and the emotions.

Be patient and positive.

Acknowledge your feelings and your loss.

Get help from someone.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Learn more about grief.

What happens when death occurs at home?

If a death of a loved one occurs at home, you must contact a funeral home directly. If you want an autopsy for your loved one, you can consult a doctor. Learn more about when death occurs.

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