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What Is Included in a Full Service for Funeral Home and Cremations in Cornwall, PA?

Christman's Funeral Home, Inc. provides services to help you cope with the grief of losing a loved one. We provide excellent veteran burials and other memorial services, and we also offer personalized cremation services. Christman's Funeral Home has been around for over 80 years and we want to help you in any way possible during this difficult time in your life. We are a team of professionals that specializes in helping people. We will help you and your family with what you need, such as knowledge and direction.

Our team is made up of professionals who are dedicated and licensed. They have the knowledge and experience to answer any questions you might have about our services. Call us at (717) 272-7431 them any time.

Cornwall, PA Funeral Home And Cremations

As a consumer, it is essential to know what you are getting when you retain a service. Sometimes we are presented with needing services for things we may not have a lot of familiarity with. Such a time might be when you need to look into arranging final services such as a funeral home and cremations in Cornwall, PA. One thing you can do is find out what services are available in the area and what those services should include.

Full service for a funeral is often a traditional affair. Know that this can be customized to your needs. Full services usually include a viewing of the deceased and/or a visitation meeting where the family receives condolences. The formal funeral service is held after these events. Once complete, a funeral hearse is used to transport the deceased remains to the burial site or the crematorium.

A cremation service can be classified as simple all the way to a full-service offering. A simple cremation only includes the cremation process itself. If honoring services (including a full funeral or a memorial service) are wanted, the cremation will become just one step in the process. For example, funerals have the deceased in attendance at the service, so a cremation would follow a funeral.

A memorial can be held after cremation since the deceased's body is not necessarily in attendance at these types of services. The cremated remains could be part of this event if desired. Also, ash scattering ceremonies are a format this could take. A cremation is an option that continues to grow in popularity. Many people like the chance to reduce the long-term environmental impact of burial or to have more flexibility with the final resting place. In addition, cremation services tend to cost less than traditional casketed burials.

What is a Full-Service Funeral Home?

Especially if you are thinking of utilizing different service types, you will want to work with a full-service funeral home. Even if you are looking at a direct or simple cremation, it is still a good idea. The biggest reason is, this is a place that will have a wide collection of resources and knowledge to help you find the perfect solutions for this farewell. The process is made simpler for you as they will handle as much as possible for you.

Your funeral director is a bit like a wedding or other event planner-- they keep track of all of the details and coordinate each part of the services to run smoothly and seamlessly. This takes the pressure off you when your focus needs to be elsewhere anyway. So let your funeral advisor and staff make those calls for flowers, transportation coordination, and other services you may require.

Preplanning Future Death Care Services For Funeral Home and Cremations in Cornwall, PA

Sometimes people are surprised to learn that it is possible to plan many details for future death care services such as a funeral home and cremations in Cornwall, PA. Not only is it possible, but it is also pretty smart. People approach pre-planning from a few angles most generally. The first is when there is an expectation that death is on the horizon. This might be due to advancing age or a terminal health diagnosis. The other way is when there is not a death expected, but plans are made to be prepared if that need should arise.

Families who know they are facing a loss can sometimes find comfort in making these plans with their loved ones, who will soon pass. Having their input on some of these questions can be so helpful when the actual time comes. There is often a sense of peace for the one who is passing when these decisions are made. Remembering that those in good health will pass one day, this is a timely conversation for all of us. Pre-planning is a simple process, to begin with online forms or an appointment with an expert at your chosen funeral home.

Know that if many years pass before these plans are needed, or you change your mind about the elections you have made, programs can be modified. Plans can also be transferred to other funeral homes in the event of a move, etc. Think of these plans a bit like a legal will or insurance policies: they bring peace of mind when they are in place.

A Firm That is Committed to Excellence

Serving the community since 1941 and under current management since 2009, Christman’s Funeral Home, Inc. is a caring and committed provider of final arrangements. We invite you to work with us for all of your needs surrounding funeral home and cremations in Cornwall, PA. Stop in to see us at 226 Cumberland St, Lebanon, PA 17042, or call (717) 272-7431 for support today.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

What is the proper attire for a funeral?
The proper clothes for a funeral or memorial ceremony are straightforward: dress to show respect for the person whose life you are commemorating. Dresses, suits, slacks, coats, and sweaters in darker colors are suitable. Flip-flops, tank tops, shorts, sundresses, casual tennis shoes, and cleavage are not acceptable attire. Learn more about funeral etiquette.

How much does Social Security pay for death benefit?
If the surviving spouse was living with the dead or was receiving certain Social Security benefits on the deceased's record, a one-time lump-sum death payment of $255 can be made. Learn more about Social Security Benefits.

What should I look in a funeral home?

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